We specialize in design and implementation of network, low voltage, audio-visual and security systems.

We'll have your business setup for success

We build solutions for presentations, meetings, conference calls, and in-house communication.
Security Systems

We’ll always make sure your business is safe and secure

From video surveillance to access control systems
IT Telecom

We’ll build the IT network infrastructure that you can rely on

From installing servers, wireless systems, structured cabling, LAN/WAN Design
Structured Cabling & Backbone Infrastructure

We know the stress that comes with dealing with the ever-changing IT systems

We create technology infrastructures that works fast and efficient for your business
Network Design

Setting up a network infrastructure requires expertise and specifc skill

We work on LAN and WAN Design, Wireless Network Design & Implementation, and even the Configuration & Installation of Network Devices
Network Services

MTG offers a suite of networking services to meet your specific needs.

We'll provide support for upgraded hardware that's been implemented and provide cutover support!

Trust us to design and build your entire technology infrastructure equipped with only the best audiovisual, data, and security systems available in today’s market.

Three Reasons To Work Together

Improved Research & Development
  • Today’s technology systems offer great benefits, but they are more
    complex than ever, and keeping pace with the latest cutting-edge
    developments can be a real challenge.
  • Matrix Technology invests in researching the latest advancements,
    communicating data trends and results back to our clients so that
    they can implement strategies and equipment to improve performance.
Enhanced Collaboration
  • Do you have cross-functional teams within your company who work
    on major initiatives, new products, programs and/or marketing
  • They likely get together on a regular basis to discuss progress and
    share ideas. We provide the network and visuals for information to
    be exchanged electronically, through wired or wireless methods
    fostering timely and reliable communication.
Premier Customer Service
  • The ability to connect with your organization through technology
    24/7 has become essential in your ability to service your customers.
  • The communication between your company and your customer can
    reinforce your brand and your relationship with your prospects, but
    to do this you need a dependable technology that all works together

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